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31/05/2008 (Day 2.152) - Cake Or Death?

31/05/2008 (Day 2.152) - Cake Or Death?

Some cool celebrity deaths today images:

31/05/2008 (Day 2.152) - Cake Or Death? celebrity deaths today
Image by Kaptain Kobold I have recently been enjoying various Eddie Izzard stand-up routines on You Tube, and this particular one was too good to pass up as a title for a picture. Here is the original routine (which has no props, of course), in which we learn why the Church of England could never have run the Spanish Inquisition. And here it is again, with added Lego. For FGR's celebrity lookalike day I attempted, and failed, to look like Eddie Izzard. Cake from Sainsbury's Skull from Cei Makeup by Maybelline and Boots Chinese style top from eBay (which you can't see, but is similar to the one Eddie is wearing in the YouTube clip; I only mention it to show the effort I went to for this shot. Saying that, I guess I should have painted my nails again. But hey ho, too late now.) A year ago today I went for a chinese.

Michael Jackson gives autograph celebrity deaths today
Image by Alan Light Early February, 1988 around the pool at the Kahala Hilton hotel, Honolulu, Hawaii Michael had just signed an autograph for my friend Don and is handing it back to him along with the pen. Don later gave me the autograph, which I still have. The young girl at left, who was from England (her father can be seen at right), also got an autograph from Michael. You can see her holding it. I am not sure if her autograph has been signed already or is about to be signed. I don't remember the order in which the two autographs were signed. I was concentrating on focusing the 35MM camera in very low lighting conditions. Photo taken at the Kahala Hilton Hotel, early February 1988 - Michael Jackson signing an autograph. The hat Michael is wearing says "Kahala Hilton," which is the name of the hotel he and we were staying at. This photo was taken after dark around the deserted swimming pool area of the hotel. Today the hotel is known as the Kahala Resort kahalaresort.com/ NOTE: Permission granted to copy, publish, broadcast or post any of my photos, but please credit "photo by Alan Light" if you can. Thanks.

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