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Nice Celebrity Breasts photos

Nice Celebrity Breasts photos

A few nice celebrity breasts images I found:

Madame Queen Sabine Mondestin celebrity breasts
Image by Sabine Mondestin www.sabinemondestin.com

Braith Field, Jodi Gordon celebrity breasts
Image by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer Celebrities Revel for a Cause: Black Tie For Breast Cancer Gala Ball, Sydney Tonight in Sydney, Australia, the Black Tie for Breast Cancer (BT4BC) gala event for the Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation took place at the beautiful Westin Hotel. A community aware group of nice folks including both A-listers, everyday mums and dads and a range of people from all walks of life, gathered together to help raise much needed funds for the development of a new Cancer Centre at the Prince of Wales Hospital. The celebrity contingent included Jodi Gordon, Braith Anasta, the newly engaged Rachel Gilbert and Tom Williams, two time Logie nominee Anna McGahan, Melissa Hoyer, Peter Morrissey, Laura Csortan and a swag of others whipped up a storm in an effort to help raise money for a new cancer centre at the Prince of Wales Hospital Randwick campus. The guest list included: Jodi Gordon, Rachel Gilbert, Tom Williams, Anna McGahn, Ant & Becks, Peter Morrissey, Laura Csortan, Chris Joannou, Sarah Cumming, Geoff Field, Melissa Hoyer, Bianca Dye, Braith Anasta and Roy Billing. Finally, all power to cancer survivors, their family and friends, and those doing what they can to help fight cancer. Celebrity for good - always good to hear, and public big congrats to all of those who helped put tonight together. About the Prince of Wales Hospital Cancer Centre... The Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation promotes the work of the Prince of Wales Hospital (POWH) to build healthier communities. Partnering with our community, we raise vital funds to ensure the continued development of research, education and special projects, which will provide integrated health care for the patients. Over the next few years we will be embarking on a campaign to build a new, gold standard Cancer and Blood Disorders Centre on site and the BT4BC event is the signature event for this centre. The centre will work closely with the University of NSW’s Lowy Cancer Research Centre, to provide the latest researched treatments. When completed, it will be the only fully comprehensive, public cancer treatment centre in Sydney, which also treats many of our country patients. Websites Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation www.powhf.org.au The Westin Sydney www.starwoodhotels.com/westin/property/overview/index.htm... open haus www.openhaus.net.au Eva Rinaldi Photography Flickr www.flickr.com/evarinaldiphotography Eva Rinaldi Photography www.evarinaldi.com

Cloudbreak Fiji Super Swell Jeff Rowley Todd Rosewall 8 June 2012 by Minnie Vuong Xvolution Media celebrity breasts
Image by Jeff Rowley Big Wave Surfer 8 June 2012 - ‘Cloudbreak’, Fiji The Best Big Wave Surfers Take the Show at the Fiji Mega Swell The Best Big Wave Surfers in the world take over the show when the Fiji ASP World Tour is called on hold because the 20 to 30 foot waves were considered by contest directors to be too dangerous and extreme. Australian Big Wave Surfers, Jeff Rowley and Todd Rosewall flew into Fiji from Torquay, Victoria for the opportunity to surf at the super swell of the year at Cloudbreak, Fiji on 8 June 2012, when the ASP World Tour Event in Fiji was put on hold. Rowley and Rosewall, alongside international big wave surfers including Greg Long, Dave Wassel, Kohl Christensen, were in the water as soon as the competition was called off, when the ocean swell picked up to create giant barrelling waves. The swell at Fiji was caused by a series of low pressure systems in the Southern Ocean which also caused severe storm damage to Victoria and New South Wales in early June 2012. In preparation, Rowley said “When I saw this swell develop on the weather charts, I was prepared for the biggest and best day of the year”. Cloudbreak is a reef break approximately 10 kilometres out to sea, and surfers charter private boats to get to the waves. “Its such a full-on expedition to get to Cloudbreak but it’s worth it”, Rowley said. After breaking two new surfboards, Rowley exudes “Cloudbreak is a powerful wave and it destroyed two of my surfboards and lost one out to sea”. At 21 years of age, Rosewall was one of the youngest surfers in the water to brave one of the most dangerous waves in the world for his first time. “Cloudbreak is incredible, it is the biggest most perfect wave I’ve ever surfed” “I know why they call it Cloudbreak now - the waves drop out of the sky like clouds”. Despite perfect barrelling waves, Rosewall had his share of bad wipeouts. “The waves are so powerful, it felt like I was anchored to the bottom of the ocean by a ball and chain”, Rosewall said. Rowley is part of a niche crew of extreme big wave surfers that travel at a moments notice to chase monster swells across the globe. Rowley and his team are now watching the weather maps for more storms to develop in the Southern Hemisphere, to take on massive waves in destinations like Teahupoo in Tahiti. â€" Jeff Rowley Social Media: Like Rowley on facebook: www.facebook.com/jeffrowleyathlete Follow Rowley on twitter: www.twitter.com/jeff_rowley Read Rowley’s blog on Tumblr: jeffrowley.tumblr.com View Rowley’s photo gallery on Flickr: www.flickr.com/jeffrowley Visit Rowley’s official website: www.jeffrowley.com Join Rowley in LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/jeffrowleyathlete Watch Rowley’s YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/jeffrowleycom Watch Rowley’s Vimeo channel: vimeo.com/jeffrowleyathlete Todd Rosewall Social Media: Visit Rosewall’s official website:http://www.toddrosewall.com Follow Rosewall on Twitter: www.twitter.com/toddrosewall To sponsor or partner with Rowley or Rosewall, contact info@xvolutionmedia.com â€" Jeff Rowley and Todd Rosewall are available for exclusive interview. Contact Minnie at info@xvolutionmedia.com for more information. All images and videos are available use free of charge. Credit Minnie Vuong/ Xvolution Media for all photographs.

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