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Bank Block, Central Square (East Side) of Keene NH

A few nice business banking images I found:

Bank Block, Central Square (East Side) of Keene NH
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Image by Keene and Cheshire County (NH) Historical Photos
Bank Block, Central Square (East Side) of Keene NH

Allen, W.P., Gardner, Mass.

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Autoglyph print of the Bank Block, Central Square (East Side) in Keene New Hampshire showing the gazebo, Soldiers' Monument, and horses and buggies.

Keene Public Library


pre 1886




No known restriction on publication.

Are Anglo Irish Bank Going Into The Restaurant Business?
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Image by infomatique
I saw this planning notice posted at 51-52 Mary Street and it appears to be fairly recent (23/July/2010). No doubt there will be a "Good" restaurant and a "Bad" restaurant.

Anglo Irish Bank Corporation is now a state-owned bank based in Ireland with its headquarters in Dublin.

The company mainly deals in business and commercial banking, with the result that it has only a limited retail presence in the major Irish cities. It also has wealth management and treasury divisions. Anglo-Irish has operations in Austria, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the United States, and the Isle of Man.

Anglo Irish Bank's heavy exposure to property lending, with most of its loan book being to builders and property developers, meant that it was badly affected by the downturn in the Irish property market in 2008. In December 2008, the Irish government announced plans to inject €1.5bn of capital for a 75% stake in the bank, effectively nationalising it. The Dublin and London Stock Exchanges immediately suspended trading in Anglo Irish's shares, with the final closing share price of €0.22 representing a fall of over 98% from its peak.

On 16 January 2009, the Taoiseach Brian Cowen stated that is was "business as usual" at Anglo Irish Bank and that people should be reassured that the bank is solvent. Between June and September 2009, the Minister for Finance provided €4 billion in capital. In a statement on 30 March 2010, a day before Anglo Irish Bank reported its financial results, the Minister Of Finance, Brian Lenihan announced an injection of €8.3 billion into the bank, noting that a further €10 billion may be required at a later stage to cover future losses and ensure an adequate capital base.

Since the nationalization of Anglo Irish Bank a number of controversies have arisen over certain business practises & loans, including loans to directors, and loans to people associated with Brendan Murtagh, EMPG and the QUINN group.

On 31 March 2010, Anglo Irish Bank reported results for the 15 months to December 2009. Loss for the period were €12.7 billion, with an operating profit before impairment of €2.4 billion and an impairment charges of €15.1 billion driving the overall result. It is the largest loss in Irish corporate history. Total assets declined to €85.2 billion at the end of 2009 from €101.3 billion in September 2008.


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