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Nice On Line Business photos

A few nice on line business images I found:

Monroe Street Businesses, 1946
on line business
Image by OSU Special Collections & Archives : Commons
Original Collection: Harriet's Collection

Item Number: HC0596

Image Description: View of businesses on Monroe Street at 21st street. Photo was used in the Oregon Stater

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We're happy for you to share this digital image within the spirit of The Commons; however, certain restrictions on high quality reproductions of the original physical version may apply. To read more about what “no known restrictions” means, please visit the Special Collections & Archives website, or contact staff at the OSU Special Collections & Archives Research Center for details.

Another Good Photo Shoot of the High Line - IMG_4540
on line business
Image by catchesthelight
A view to the north on the High Line with the outdoor theater in the foreground and the very modern building toward right.

The line at Georgetown Cupcake
on line business
Image by voteprime
The anticipation builds as we wait and wait (for about 30 minutes) to buy our cupcakes.

It was totally worth the wait. I am skeptical about this cupcake craze. Scratch that, I was skeptical.

A store employee walked while we waited, giving us all updates on the status of cupcakes remaining. There was a bit of a murmur among the crowd when we learned only a few Red Velvets remained. I was a staunch supporter of the Key Lime cupcake. Kristen poo-pooed the flavor. I insisted it had to be popular. During one of these cupcake updates the employee said something like this:
Empoyee: There are only a few Red Velvets remaining. But if you want Key Lime we have plenty remaining.
Me: Yes!
Her: Oh, I'm glad you're excited, because there are a lot left!
Me: [internally] WHATEVER!

While in the line, we heard of a new business venture that will be started by the woman behind us. She didn't have a name for her new cupcake store, but let me just say this: Tuna Cupcakes. Mmm! On the plus side, the lines will be significantly shorter.

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