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Nice Register A Business photos

Some cool register a business images:

Web Wednesday Singapore 19.0
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Image by Ronald HN Tan
A close-up shot of Randall Rothenberg during the Q&A session. Prior to and also after the talk, I did managed to get to know some folks who also attended Web Wednesday Singapore 19.0 event. It was a good networking session and I will be catching up with them individually soon. If you into web-related areas, you may also want to register yourself to get updates on the next Web Wednesday Singapore event too! Or you can contact me and we'll attend together.

Photos used at blog post - ronald-tan.com/2009/10/03/web-wednesday-singapore-19-0/

314 Virginia Avenue
register a business
Image by Universal Pops
Taken in Clarksville, Virginia--this group ends the series. This brick pre-1902 structure was a drugstore between the turn of the 20th century and 1930. It now houses offices for a lawyer and an accountant. Later the building was remodeled in Colonial Revival style. The 2nd story windows have wood lintels. VDHR ID: 192-0121-0009. This structure was added June 6, 2002 to the National Register of Historic Places as part of Clarksville Historic District, reference ID #02000625

Major source: Two Mecklenburg Towns—Boydton and Clarksville, ed. by John G. Zimmer, published by Virginia Department of Historic Resources in cooperation with the Southside Planning District Commission, Richmond 2003

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