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Nice Business Course photos

Some cool business course images:

LH731 HKG-MUC Business Class - January 2009
business course
Image by NewbieRunner
Hors d'oeuvre: Cajun marinated tuna with fattoush salad, cucumber with yogurt dressing
Salad: Thai style vegetable salad with nam prik sauce presented with dressing
Cheese: Camembert, Cambozola and Chedder cheese

By Star Chef, Max Yan of China World Hotel, Beijing.

As it was after midnight local time, I (and many other pax in C) skipped the main course, much to the disppointment of FAs.

Personal Rapid Transit system in a Central Business District or Business Park
business course
Image by Steven Vance
You are viewing after. View before. Hand drawn, scanned, Photoshopped.

Version 1.
-Typed labels to replace hand written labels
-Better labels for A, B, C, D
-Label for food court and mall

This is an imagined Personal Rapid Transit system in an imagined Central Business District in Anycity, Anystate, USA.

Hand drawing this took about 2 hours over the course of several days. Scanning was quick (duh), but removing artifacts, stray pencil marks, extra thick lines and other imperfections took about 2.5 hours.

Please read the discussion on my blog.

This is modeled after the Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) system at West Virginia University in Morgantown, West Virginia.

LH711 NRT-FRA Business Class - February 2009
business course
Image by NewbieRunner
Entrée: Filet of beef coated with herb crust glazed with port wine, roasted new potatoes, green beans, shimeji mushroom and orange bell pepper

Since I wasn't impressed by the same dish in August 2008 I should have selected fish for the main course instead.

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