Adam Feldman, Behind the Music-al at 92YTribeca

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Adam Feldman, Behind the Music-al at 92YTribeca
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Behind the Music-al is an exciting behind-the-scenes look at the next generation of musical theater composers. Learn how songwriting teams collaborate, hear exclusive new songs performed by some of Broadway's hottest young stars and get the backstory on your favorite musical numbers. With a cross-section of three dynamic musical theater writing teams, Behind the Music-al lets you in on the process of putting together tomorrow's next big hit.

For Behind the Music-al: Unfinished Business, emerging songwriters Adam Gwon, Randy Redd and Ewalt & Walker discuss the songs that wound up on the cutting room floor, or are still being developed for new projects. How do you take a song that never quite made it to completion and turn it into something new? How do you finish your unfinished business?

Adam Feldman of Time Out New York moderates.

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