Shelves of Curiosity Oct 07

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Check out these business card template images:

Shelves of Curiosity Oct 07
business card template
Image by MC =)
Top shelf L to R: Children's Encyclopedia Vol2, pages about Heraldry. an old children's atlas, spirograph template, an artwork idea – pixellated planet, clothes store business card (www.oipolloi.com), Manchester UK.
Bottom shelf L to R: Two recently designed books from the studio – catalogue design for Liverpool School of Art and Design 'Art into Pop, Pop into Art' symposium. Cookery book design 'Can Cook Will Cook', pocket mega sketcher with random doodle, 'More Money, More Music' postcard, Japanese postcard and misc stuff.

business card template
Image by Bill Ruhsam
This is a deceptively messy photograph. Despite the appearance, those shelves are actually well organized.